Ultimate Fitness App: Combo Fitness Tools App

Everything In One App: Timers, PDF Reader, Notes and Music Player...And Load Official UFA Workouts Right In...

4.5 stars on App Store

Ultimate Fitness App: Combo Fitness Tools AppApp Store4.5

We wanted to create a multi-purpose fitness app with all the tools you could need. We think we achieved that with UFA Combo Fitness Tools.

8+ Fitness Tools In 1 App

Everything you need for your fitness training workouts all in one convenient app. 4 different fitness timers, fitness pdf workout viewer, notepad function, music player, in workout timer overview, pure timer option.

Make use of the different fitness tools as you combine workout timers with your workout pdfs, take notes or simply run a standard timer with your music playing as you train. Multiple options and uses to make your workouts efficient and productive.

Load Any PDF Into UFA

A first for the fitness app world. Now you can take any workout pdf and load it into your Ultimate Fitness App. Take advantage of pinch and zoom features to allow you to workout on the go and use our special timers over the top of your workouts.

Check out our free and premium workouts you can use right now in your UFA app, allowing you to workout anywhere.

Instruction videos for UFA Combo Fitness Tools App can be found here


A very useful and unique app. I like the idea behind this. And adding workouts from the UFA site into the pdf reader is an idea I’ve really used a lot. Not seen it done in an app. Well worth it for fitness enthusiasts.

J.S. Spurier

All the tools I needed, great function and the pdf reader is worth it alone. I use the notes and love the music player. There are great workouts too on the site to put into the device.

Elizabeth Marks

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