Workout Wrap Ups – Finish Your Workout Right!

Blast stubborn body fat with intense and fast total body workouts

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Workout Wrap Ups – Finish Your Workout Right!App Store5

Plug-In Fat Loss Workouts to Transform Your Body.

Turn On Fat Loss With MIT Workouts.

Our new Workout Wrap-Ups App is a unique series of short, intense and time saving workouts based around our Metabolic Intensity Training Protocols.  Specific fat burning compound exercises are laid out in very intense fat blasting workouts for your entire body…workouts you can plug into your current program or use as fast and effective stand alone workouts.

Workout & Record Your Results.

With The WWU App you will be able to do timed workouts or ‘off the clock’ workouts at your own pace and now you can also record all your progress with WWU Notes Tool so you always have record of your progress.

Check out the WWU for iPhone & iPad here.


These very intense workouts are ideal to add to your current program or just use alone as the designer says they can be.  The timer function is a really good idea and I like that they added music player functionality to the final build.  This is a really great app that I recommend as it will give you great results and the workouts are harder than I expected – if done right of course.

Kent S (Pre-release testing)

Very hard effective workouts, explained clearly and structured so beginners to advanced can modify the circuits to allow these to be used by anyone.  The exercises are proven and a lot of them are new and they’re put together in workouts that are gonna to work for you.  These can be done in small spaces like hotel rooms or whipped out in the gym as well. A cool fitness app, one of the best and worth having on any device.

Colten Smith

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